SlowLife on the seafront with David Fernandez, director of the Don Ignacio Hotel

Managed by GAT since last May, the Don Ignacio Hotel is a benchmark on the Cabo de Gata coast in Almeria.
Located on the seafront, this 4-star hotel represents everything that a tourist destination should have, offer and, above all, take care of.
Don Ignacio’s management has a special emphasis on the parameters, principles and policies of sustainability.

Beyond trends, the project is guided and adopts an environmental, economic and social policy that responds to corporate responsibility and not only to the growing demands of the market. The future of everyone and of the industry and the sector lies precisely in well understood and well applied sustainability. A respectful establishment and destination is more necessary than ever and is much more attractive.

Today we spoke with the hotel’s director, David Fernández, who gave us his assessment of an excellent season even in the current scenario of somewhat adverse elements that seemed to be able to slow down the trend. The most positive forecasts have been fulfilled and “finally we have to say that the season is being successfully overcome and especially August has been a very good month, with a fairly high occupancy and a lot of flow of visitors to the Park”.

In June and July we reached pre-pandemic figures. This has been greatly helped by the diversity of the establishment’s client profile: “From families, to couples and even lone visitors, but all of them with the same mentality, that of enjoying nature tourism and authenticity, getting to know the Park, connecting with the originality of the destination, with its unique landscape and the experience that it offers us and which makes any stay unforgettable”.

What would you highlight about the hotel you manage? “Undoubtedly the excellent location, right on the beach and a stone’s throw from any destination in the park, in addition to the great team that we have and that makes our customers leave with some memories and a unique experience”.

The magnificent climate of this area allows enjoyment both in summer which is very interesting but precisely because of the uniqueness of the hotel and the destination that advocates a slowlife style allows excellent getaways in autumn and winter. Activities, experiences and occasions to put into practice the “boho” spirit of the establishment and its guests.

Choose one or several corners of the hotel that have a special charm for you and what you would do, or do in them… “One of my favourite corners is the exhibition of works from the 1st edition of the Cabo de Gata Art Festival. At the beginning of the summer we inaugurated an art exhibition featuring the works of local artists and the response and results have been amazing. It is also a very specific type of art, artists who are able to compose works from recycled materials and who are inspired by nature and the local landscape and transmit it with great strength and audacity”. The exhibition will remain open for everyone to visit until 15 September.

We say goodbye to David from another of his favourite spots… “the magnificent terrace that allows you to enjoy any meal of the day while watching the sea…”.