About us

Hotel La Sella Golf Resort and Spa*****

GAT Adviser

We have over ten years of experience, as operators of all kinds of hotels and resorts, in both urban and leisure segments. We have a deep knowledge of the market, approved by the large international franchises and deploy our own marketing capacity.

GAT Operator

GAT has an operation proposal adapted to the needs of each owner or investor, both institutional and private. We manage Hotels and Resorts in short – Interim Management – medium and long term, under international franchise or singular brand of the asset, according to the strategy and vision of each client, through the transformation of product and operation for  long term profitability.

Hotel La Sella Golf Resort and Spa *****
Hotel Intercontinental Mar Menor *****

GAT Investor

GAT commits its own resources and that of its investment partners to the success of the transformation of establishments and the redefinition of hotel products, co-investing with owners and institutional or private investors.

We are an independent hotel operator, expert investor and advisor specialized in creating value for owners, investors and customers through the design, transformation and management of hotels and resorts uniquely adapted to each market, location and positioning.

Our purely hotel DNA, excellence in management and high market recognition make GAT the ideal partner for large clients, institutional investors, and private owners, as well as the independent reference operator for large international hotel franchises.

Our vision

The generation of an experience fully adapted to the expectations of each client in terms of product design, quality of service and efficiency in the operations determines the success and value of the hotel business.

Our mission

To contribute decisively to formation of a new hotel paradigm through the transformation of hotels and resorts into unique establishments, uniquely designed and operated at the service of the optimization of the customer experience, and the maximization of value and profitability of owners. and investors.

Our values

We have great values: Honesty, Commitment, Integrity, Capacity, Passion, Flexibility, Empathy.