Gestión de Activos Turísticos wins the CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism award for its business trajectory in South Madrid

– This year the awards celebrate a special edition that recognises the business career of the winners.

– The regional director of CaixaBank in South Madrid, Juan Luis Vidal, highlighted the bank’s commitment to the sector through these awards.

CaixaBank has recognised GAT, Gestión de Activos Turísticos, for its business trajectory in South Madrid, as part of the fourth edition of the Hotels & Tourism awards. This year the awards celebrate a special edition that commemorates the trajectory of the awarded companies and professionals. GAT has received this recognition from CaixaBank for the “creation and preservation of employment” during this COVID and post-covid crisis, increasing the workforce during this year 2021. The addition of new assets to the management portfolio has meant a significant increase in the number of employees under our responsibility, tripling that figure and generating more than 2,000 jobs in the middle of the season. At GAT “we understand that a company’s first responsibility is to its employees, generating employment and contributing to their professional and personal wellbeing, and that of their families”.
Emiliano Garayar, president of GAT, said “At GAT we are honoured by this new distinction awarded to us by CaixaBank for the second consecutive year. I believe that the GAT team deserves to be recognised for its spectacular consolidation and growth in such an adverse environment for the sector as this COVID crisis. We are very grateful to the CaixaBank team for their constant support and complicity, as well as for their commitment to the sector”.
The territorial director of CaixaBank in Madrid South, Juan Luis Vidal, explained that this special edition of the CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism awards aims to recognise the business career of the award winners and their contribution to a key sector for the Spanish economy. He added that, with this initiative, “CaixaBank reaffirms its commitment to the sector” and stressed that the financial institution “wants to continue to play a key role in the recovery of this fundamental sector for the country and to support its needs”.

On 19 January, CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism will bring together the award winners from the different autonomous communities at the CaixaBank stand at the International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR).
Support for the tourism and hotel sector
This award is yet another example of CaixaBank’s commitment to the tourism market, a support that materialises through its specialised business line CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism, which aims to boost the tourism market through a model of proximity to hotel companies and businesses. This specialisation and knowledge of the tourism sector has enabled CaixaBank, during the COVID-19 crisis, to provide customers in the tourism sector with specific support measures, including the granting of liquidity lines and moratoriums or grace periods on mortgage loans, in order to preserve companies’ liquidity as far as possible.
CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism has more than 10,000 customers in the tourist accommodation sector and is positioned as a benchmark for this business segment with the capacity to detect the needs of the sector and support it with the personalised service it requires through a team of 30 professionals specialising in the hotel market and more than 1,500 CaixaBank Empresas advisors. Through this specialised division, CaixaBank offers the hotel market a range of differential products and services to help optimise the profitability of its business and simplify its daily activity, taking into account the needs of the different sub-sectors: hotels, tourist accommodation and campsites.
In addition, CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism is particularly sensitive to socially responsible projects, such as those that incorporate improvements in energy efficiency, accessibility, water and waste management, or that promote the employment of people at risk of exclusion. In this context, CaixaBank stands out for its responsible actions, as recognised by the main international organisations. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranks CaixaBank among the best banks in the world in terms of corporate responsibility.