Inauguration of the First Cabo de Gata Festival Exhibition

– The Mayoress of Níjar, Esperanza Pérez, accompanied the management and the hotel management at the opening event.
– Almost a hundred people gathered for an evening full of art.

GAT, Gestión de Activos Turísticos, the company that manages the hotel Don Ignacio, has been the organiser of the exhibition that will be open throughout the summer, until the 15th of September, in the facilities of the hotel located on the beachfront in San José-Níjar.

The aim of the exhibition has been and continues to be to showcase local artistic talent through a project focused on the principles of sustainability and care for the environment. In the words of Emiliano Garayar, president of the GAT company and promoter of the artistic project Primer Festival Artístico Cabo de Gata, “We are here to stay: our commitment is for 20 years: “We are here to respect what is there, and to humbly contribute to its improvement through the reformulation of the current accommodation and tourist proposal. We want to create a special experience, linked to the values of the destination, to build a quality offer that gives priority to quality over quantity. We are committed to responsible deseasonalisation and the internationalisation of demand as an instrument to achieve all of the above. We are here to generate wealth, employment and well-being for all agents, and especially for local society”.

Two winners

The exhibition takes place both inside and outside the establishment. Yesterday, during the event, the winners in both categories were unveiled and received cheques from the jury and the organisers.

The winner in the indoor category was Joaquín Manchón with his sculptures El Brujo and Indalo. “. Technique – Forge/Wrought iron. Measurements(cm) – 62x17x17. Year – 2022. “This piece is based on the interpretation of the cave paintings in the Cueva de los Letreros de Vélez-Blanco, where the most representative symbol of Almeria’s identity, the Indalo, can be found. I have been inspired by the expressiveness of the strokes of the various figures represented in the cave as “the sorcerer”, and I have shaped them in wrought iron, reinterpreting their form. The aim is to create a totem that reinterprets the shape of the symbol in my own vision, to represent the ancestral origin of this territory and to highlight the importance of historical knowledge, of the origin of the people. Something that I consider fundamental for visitors to soak up its culture and idiosyncrasies”.

In the outdoor category, the winner was María Li with a live performance, an emotionally charged performance. “The project called Waste, which means waste, invites the public to reflect on the waste and pollution produced by human beings, filling our oceans with rubbish without conscience”.

From GAT we thank all the artists, more than 50, who have submitted their work for this first contest, it was very difficult for the jury to make the selection that finally can be enjoyed this summer whether you are a customer of the hotel as if you are a visitor to the coast and park of Cabo de Gata, a complementary cultural experience that we hope will convey the slow and committed spirit of the destination.