We provide total management solutions for hotels, tourist apartments, resorts and golf courses for owners, financial bodies and real estate agencies. 


We optimise investment in property under construction or that has been finished but is not in operation, as well as property that is being exploited.

Financial bodies

Benidorm Vida y Golf

The crisis has deeply affected the promotion of real estate, meaning that financial bodies have to manage hotels or assets that are convertible to tourist activities, without the bodies having the suitable capacity or experience.

We have solutions which have been directly designed for cases of this nature.


Hotel Cándido Gestión operativa

Property owned by families who have invested in premises to be used by tourists or which can be adapted to tourism. Due to the fact the owners do not have the vocation or capacity to manage the business, they need to outsource the exploitation of the property.  

Our system of working by modules allows us to contract services that adapt to each need. 

We also work for financial investors, family offices and institutional investments who are looking for a profitable and safe business.

Real Estates Agencies

Golf IRM

We collaborate with the main actors in the market of tourist projects that have been drawn up for investment funds that guarantee security and profitability.

We enhance the value of tourist and residential assets that are susceptible to being used by the tourist sector, ensuring the optimization of the investment.

International Brands


We manage hotels under international brands that choose the franchise system in order to realize their expansion plans.

In this way the chain grows delegating the management to professionals who guarantee the compliance of the brand standards.