Hotel Encinar de Sotogrande; 100% occupancy on up to 15 occasions

Martín Módica, director of the Encinar de Sotogrande hotel in Cádiz, gives us his assessment of how the season is developing in this unique asset that is characterised by its proximity to several of the most famous golf courses on the professional and amateur circuits.
How would you sum up the development of the season?
“We have had a very good summer with many repeat guests and new ones who have filled the hotel 100% up to 15 times. We are very satisfied with the recovery, confirming that the destination is still strong and is very well positioned for both national and international clients. Little by little the recovery is becoming a reality for everyone”.
What would you highlight about the season in terms of operations, teams, gastro, commercial…?
“We have very good feedback about our gastronomic offer, the service we offer and the friendliness of the staff, these are the issues most valued by our customers, although they also value very positively the natural environment, the proximity of the golf courses and the diversity of possibilities offered by the destination along with the facilities and access that allows the accommodation offer in our hotel”.
Can you give us more figures to illustrate what happened at Encinar de Sotogrande?
“In August we served more than 4000 breakfasts, 850 lunches and 980 dinners”.
What would you highlight about the establishment’s space and the importance of destination experiences?
“The hotel guests come looking for peace and quiet and enjoy a relaxing holiday and all this together with good service and excellent gastronomic quality make the Encinar de Sotogrande the ideal place”.
Any anecdotes to remember, to learn, funny…?
“Well, more than an anecdote I would highlight a curiosity that is a sign of the success and satisfaction we have achieved and that is that most of our clients have booked their holidays for the following year and they always ask us for the same thing, that we keep the same friendly staff and the same room”.

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