At GAT we have already put on the pillars, rechargeable and environmentally friendly.

Sustainability, recycling, energy efficiency, responsible consumption… terms such as biomimicry, cradle to cradle, reverse logistics, upcycling, zero waste or circular economy are much more than just buzzwords. They are concepts, ideas and objectives taken on as our own by the management of our company in this new stage of Marina d’Or – Ciudad de Vacaciones.

We are talking about a new approach to growth, capable of generating more happiness for our clients, more employment and wealth for our surroundings and, all of this, reversing the impact on the environment.

Within this new and essential approach, every decision, every action counts: if we say that we have just acquired 1.2 million napkins, we are talking about customer service, employment and business. If we add to those 1.2 million napkins another half a million placemats that originate from sustainable manufacturing and are made from 100% recycled material, we are talking about proven and consolidated commitment.

Our new napkins are hygienic, soft, aesthetic, pleasant… but, above all, biodegradable and respectful of our environment.

Commitment to the environment; commitment to the planet. Commitment to our children (the rule of the house in Marina d’Or) who are the present and future of society and with whom we are obliged to undertake all the necessary changes to alleviate the only change we have to avoid: climate change.

Let us make these values a new way of doing things. A common and global challenge.