Nacho López, Sales and Marketing Director

Today we celebrate #WorldTourismDay.
Our sector continues to be very affected but we do not want to miss the opportunity to make our contribution to the good results in spite of the scenario and above all the effort and love that we have put into this past and atypical summer season from GAT.
To this end, today we interviewed Nacho López, our Sales and Marketing Director.
Marketing and sales are two pillars of the business that have also been greatly affected in the tourism sector,
What have been the keys to success in achieving this 70% average occupancy rate?

ILópez: “In the case of the hotels managed by GAT, we consider that there are several factors that have supported the success of the season: an updated product which implies the renovation of the establishments to reach adequate standards that respond to the concerns of the current market, a clear strategy of faithful customer management by maintaining the connection and contact to inform them, for example, of the reopening of our establishments and the safety and hygiene procedures adopted, which has reinforced their confidence in our establishments. Another important factor has been the constant support from the properties that have clearly trusted our “know-how” and, last but not least, the work and enthusiasm of the whole team working in unison with a common objective; that our customers really enjoy a different experience in our establishments after a few difficult months”.
Direct sales have been gaining weight and today are the marketing channel that occupies more resources and investment, do you think this is a consequence of the situation or that it is going to become stronger, can you live with the rest?
JLópez: “Yes, it’s true that the direct client is the channel that needs more resources to position the product but, once the client has placed his trust in us, he is also the most loyal and repetitive client. Since its inception, GAT has been committed to the direct customer profile, combining specific promotions for this segment with experiential packages that allow you not only to stay in the hotel but also to enjoy the environment and thus facilitate the process of immersion in the destination. Perhaps this strategy is what has made us different and today allows us to have exceeded 55% in direct reservations. We do not believe that this is a consequence of the situation, although perhaps it has reinforced our commercial policy, but we do believe that clients are increasingly selective and have clearer preferences when it comes to booking based on the criteria of value proposals, something that is not always compatible with traditional channels such as touroperation or online agencies”.
Today in the sector we talk more and more about boutique products, very diverse customer profiles, adaptation, flexibility which is part of the added value of GAT as well as a solid sales argument as well. Is this the market trend? Are you ready to respond?
ILópez: “GAT’s track record in managing hotels of very different types has enabled us to learn a great deal when it comes to focusing product, commercial and operational strategy, with considerable flexibility to adapt to the needs of each property and the objectives in the short, medium and long term. Although it is true that there are common policies in accordance with all the products, we have always tried to adapt our work to the specific needs of each hotel. We therefore try to get to know the client of each establishment, their needs, the values, attributes and attractions that each destination can offer and we introduce them into “our cocktail shaker” to position each hotel in a specific, independent and special way, differentiating it from the competition and making the strong points that each hotel and destination offer worthwhile”.
The tourism sector is under great stress, a test of resilience in the process of recovery after the hard months of confinement as a result of the impact of the pandemic in our country.

In spite of everything, GAT, maintains its plans of consolidation, expansion and growth; “On the basis of the good results of the summer, of which we make co-participants to our habitual clients who have returned to deposit their confidence in us and to the new clients who have offered it to us to enjoy a few days of holidays in our hotels and tourist flats, we want to continue growing and extending the portfolio of managed establishments and to contribute this way to the economic recovery of the country generating opportunities of business, employment and economic activity”. (Ramón Garayar, GAT’s CEO).