Analysis and diagnosis

  • A profound study of the situation of each establishment: its location, accessibility, environment and generators of demand. Due diligence in regard to technical, operational and labour issues
  • Competition analysis; the positioning of each establishment in each one of the marketing channels and study of operational needs
  • Preparation of a feasibility plan: business assessment

Strategic plan

  • Approach and definition of the solutions for replacement, reorientation and value enhancement of the business
  • Budget draft and action schedule


  • Taking over the control of the business
  • Start-up of the actions agreed in the strategic plan, until their consolidation

Control and follow-up

  • Continuous control of the operations
  • Control of the plan’s progression and follow-up of the results that stem from the changes that are introduced
  • Follow-up of compliance with the budget
  • Monthly report sent to client, analysis and application of the corrective measures

We improve the results of the exploitation of tourist assets and we increase their value, assuming their management in a temporary or permanent fashion

Transition management

  • We manage tourist assets undergoing a process of restructure, guaranteeing the continuity of their operations.

  • We support the capacities of owners and financial bodies in the management, repositioning and reorganisation of tourist assets in process of divestment at a short or medium term.

  • We temporarily manage tourist assets that belong to investors who are undergoing a change of operator or who are looking for a buyer.

Openings and changes of operator:

  • We manage the opening, guaranteeing the correct start-up of the assets and their placement.

  • We intervene during changes of management companies, minimising negative effects and succeeding in immediately stabilising the management.

Operative and business advice

  • The proposals we offer are specific, realizable and are backed by the profit and loss accounts.
  • We carry out realistic business evaluations.
  • For this purpose, we use professional criteria based on extensive experience.

Identification and selection of opportunities

  • We have a permanent relationship with the day-to-day activities of the world of tourism; we know who the players in the sectors are, as well as their interests and needs
  • We actively participate in the tourist and real estate market 

Search for financial solutions

  • We structure innovating plans for financing and refinancing, which separate the risks associated to exploitation and the ownership of the assets.
  • We offer operational assessment criteria.
  • We carry out direct negotiations and maintain a magnificent relationship with financial bodies.